TiVo fright night

Definitely the most random event of 2011. On Wednesday Henry, Peanut and myself skipped off to Marylebone One for the evening (So Henry could get free Tivo for a year). TiVo - the channel that records everything that's been on tele for a week - invited him (and by proxy us) to a Halloween themed quiz night hosted by Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee. It was a sham in that we didn't win, but Henry got a foam finger (and Peanut NEARLY pulled Debbie McGee).

Peanut, Henry and Brix (and a mouse).

As part of the quiz we had to mummify Laura Jean in toilet roll for God's sake.

We did the same to Donna Air, who is hot even in loo roll.

Kate Walsh from the Apprentice is so nice.

Peanut chirpsed Debbie McGee.

That girl was so bored she died.

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