Your Brand is the brainchild of former event director of Pure London Sam Bleasby, and former WGSN marketing director Louisa Valvano. The brief was to create an online marketplace for retailers to source branded product 365 days a year, rivalling the concept of a static trade show. The site is free for retailers to use, and brands will have to pay £1500 a year to feature. The site isn't transactional, but will host the branded collections and list contact details.


There's a 90s resurgence going on where headphones for chicks are concerned. They've got big again (and pretty). Fashion-led headphone label Molami is launching its collection at East London boutique Start tonight, and here's what they look like. The beauty is in the detail, designer Maria Von Euler uses napa leathers and a sculptured approach to the design, so the headphones suit the features of a female face.

Fri-Con Marilyn Monroe

I knew the premier of My Week With Marilyn wouldn't be the glitzy affair I had hoped for when a mouse ran over my foot as I sat sipping my free Vitamin water.
Marilyn would have had a fit...or would she? The movie is a must see and Michelle Williams triumphant portrayal of Monroe showed there was quite a lot going on behind Marilyn's heavy lidded, cat-lined eyes. More than I had realised anyway.  As it's the week of the films release, I thought a Fri-Con to pay tribute to this coquettish, buxom blonde would be appropriate.

Marilyn was a versatile creature who was just as jolly swathed in rabbit as she was in a roll-neck sweater. If you look closer, her nose is bent and her eye is lazy but she was a master of make-up and jewels, so you'd never know. It was her that said:
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Well. It's a classic isn't it. Sexy Marilyn has gone and stood atop a highly aggressive subway ventilation system in a billowing white dress. This iconic shot was taken on the set of The Seven Year Itch and she married baseball player Joe Dimaggio in the same year - 1955.

Here is Marilyn with someone who looks like Katherine Hepburn. This shot shows how Marylin played to her strengths by rarely veering away from a mid-length, body-con silhouette with a sweetheart, halter neckline. I love the cute little wicker basket bag.

Pure sex
What comes across in My Week With Marilyn is that Marilyn was a truly great actress and played being very dumb, very well. She was genuinely funny (if not slightly annoying) - but how could that have ever been doubted with Laurence Olivier demanding she star in his production of The Prince and The Showgirl.

A navy roll neck will suit any blonde. I love the coral lipstick, arched brows and signature waves.
This was taken on a beach on Long Island, it was her voluptuous curves that made her so beautiful. So much so, that Michelle Williams had to gain a stone and tie a belt around her knees to perfect Marilyn's perfect wiggle.
Michelle Williams playing Marilyn. It was a good physical likeness and her acting was Oscar winning.