Fri-Con Marilyn Monroe

I knew the premier of My Week With Marilyn wouldn't be the glitzy affair I had hoped for when a mouse ran over my foot as I sat sipping my free Vitamin water.
Marilyn would have had a fit...or would she? The movie is a must see and Michelle Williams triumphant portrayal of Monroe showed there was quite a lot going on behind Marilyn's heavy lidded, cat-lined eyes. More than I had realised anyway.  As it's the week of the films release, I thought a Fri-Con to pay tribute to this coquettish, buxom blonde would be appropriate.

Marilyn was a versatile creature who was just as jolly swathed in rabbit as she was in a roll-neck sweater. If you look closer, her nose is bent and her eye is lazy but she was a master of make-up and jewels, so you'd never know. It was her that said:
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Well. It's a classic isn't it. Sexy Marilyn has gone and stood atop a highly aggressive subway ventilation system in a billowing white dress. This iconic shot was taken on the set of The Seven Year Itch and she married baseball player Joe Dimaggio in the same year - 1955.

Here is Marilyn with someone who looks like Katherine Hepburn. This shot shows how Marylin played to her strengths by rarely veering away from a mid-length, body-con silhouette with a sweetheart, halter neckline. I love the cute little wicker basket bag.

Pure sex
What comes across in My Week With Marilyn is that Marilyn was a truly great actress and played being very dumb, very well. She was genuinely funny (if not slightly annoying) - but how could that have ever been doubted with Laurence Olivier demanding she star in his production of The Prince and The Showgirl.

A navy roll neck will suit any blonde. I love the coral lipstick, arched brows and signature waves.
This was taken on a beach on Long Island, it was her voluptuous curves that made her so beautiful. So much so, that Michelle Williams had to gain a stone and tie a belt around her knees to perfect Marilyn's perfect wiggle.
Michelle Williams playing Marilyn. It was a good physical likeness and her acting was Oscar winning.

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  1. I believe the woman you have said looks like Audrey Hepburn in the 3rd picture, is actually Jane Russel, Marilyn's Co-star in "Gentlemen prefer Blondes"