Location scouting today for ss12 womenswear shoot. We found this vintage cinema in Notting Hill. Totally spooky with 1950s grafitti on the walls of world war bombers and love letters.

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Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer, the man behind the Favourbrook brand and eponymous menswear line Oliver Spencer, has opened a men's footwear store at 37 Lambs Conduit street in London. 

The store is a traditional, pocket-sized little number at just 250sq ft, and it showcases a very tightly edited selection of branded and own-label shoes. Labels such as Quoddy, Vera and Converse are stocked alongside Oliver Spencer chukka boots and cricket shoes. 

"Where can you buy good men's shoes? I'm going back to traditonal shop keeping," said the man himself when we met up for a tour. "The high street is about to impale itself - and I won't shed a tear."

The Oliver Spencer clothing store is a must-visit just a few doors down.

......I see angels

These shoes of wonder are the Keith Haring for Nicholas Kirkwood collab

 I love this fashion find! New Brazilian jewellery brand Dallas and Carlos will be launching in the UK through La Booteek when the site goes live soon.

This weekend I took a trip down to The Fashion and Textile Museum to take in the Rebel on The Row exhibition which celebrates the life and work of the late great tailor Tommy Nutter.

Nutter, who trained as a plumber intially, was responsible for re-vitalising Savile Row in the 60s with his flamboyant, swinging-sixites style, which was articulately twinned with a lasting respect for the traditional confines of Savile Row cutting. 

He attracted a high-calibre of clientel from Mick Jagger to Elton John. In the early 60s he joined traditional tailors Donaldson, Williamson & Ward and then after learning his trade for seven years, in 1969, he joined up with fellow tailor Edward Sexton, to open Nutters of Savile Row. 
They were financially backed by Cilla Black and her husband.

In the 70s, Nutter was one of the first to branch out into the East Asian market, launching in Japan. He died in 1992, and the exhibition does a great job of celebrating his genius.

The Fashion and Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street
T: 020 7407 8664
F: 020 7089 9416
E: info@ftmlondon.org

Prada Shades

Prada has unveiled two new sunglasses from its 'Minimal Baroque' spring11 collection. 

 Three illustrators; Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella were asked to interpret the glasses and the pictures are below.  There is also video direct from the team at Prada for you to enjoy.

The Great Divide

The great divide has launched. It's the brainchild of Geordie scamp Stephen Monaghan of Sane pr who does the pr for some of the most hip and happening brands trading in the UK, including Happy Socks, Pointer and Penfield. His new online store is dedicated to those men among you who enjoy clothing with provenance, heritage and also enjoy a touch of cultural cocking off from time to time (music, food, footy, art, that sort of thing).

Product is hung on quality, well-balanced hangers and is shot straight on, rather than on a model or mannequin, so as shoppers you can see what the item will actually look like in real life hung in your wardrobe.

My favourite design device outside of the masthead type face
(which I believe is Alternative Gothic No.3)
is the mountainous back drop.

All the birds have flown up and gone;
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other -
Only the mountain and I.

- Li Po

The most ingenius content idea is 5 to 1 (pictured above).
The odds are you will really like the five items curated by 
The Great Divide to be worn with one staple.


This weekend I watched Breathless 
(the 1960 version NOT the Richard Gere remake).
It features the gorgeous Jean Seburg and the sexy Jean-Paul Belmondo. 
The clothes are amazing - both his and her's- and the passion palpable.
Check out more on Jean Seburg's Seburgian style by clicking the link.

Spot of street portraiture spotted on Brick Lane this weekend

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Today's Fri-Con is going to be a little short and sweet as an interview with Oliver Spencer calls...but I've plumped for Debbie Harry at the request of premium boutique Black and White Denim. Deborah Ann as her mother named her is a huge fox and my dad's all time hotty (although he doesn't use that word and would lambast me for doing so). Debbie is best known for her ice-cool insouciance, vacant stare and awesome hair. She loved a pearlised 80s lip and a vampy black khol eye. It all works for me.
This especially works for me. In fact I was wondering to myself on the bus the other day if extreme 1970s hair flicks will be working their way back on trend anytime soon. Love the neckline here
Queen of the rock tee bra-less Blondie is rocking out here
She knows she's a bad ass
Debbie didn't always get it right, see here and here.....
but she doesn't give as f**k

I have been in Marrakech hence my blogging absence but here are a few pictures from my travels. A bomb ripped through the centre of Marrakech, in a cafe I had visited only a few days after I got back, so I'm feeling very lucky to be alive, and devastated for those who have been affected. Marrakech is such a truly beautiful place and the below images are of Jardin Majorelle. A riot of colour imortalised in a beautfiul garden by artist Jacques Majorelle. He died in 1962 but in 1980 Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent bought garden and restored it as a gift to their beloved Marrakech.