Fri-Con Jean Seberg

Oh Jean....Jean....Jean. Can you chill out on being such a hot, left-bank pixie?

Jean starred in 37 films in America and France during the 1960s and 1970s. She had a boyish, diminutive charm and spent much of her life living in Paris - which explains her inate chic and playful style. Alexa Chung and Audrey Tautou are the modern day interpreters of this look, while A.P.C and Jaeger Boutique serve up appropriate garms to channel what I like to call Sebergian style. She LOVED a Breton stripe (who doesn't) and expect to see more of this Sebergian look coming through for autumn 11 with pixie collars key.                                 

Marc Jacobs did something similar to these shiny fish scales on the autumn 11 catwalks a couple of months ago. Jean is casually leaning against this window, but if she was to move they would catch the light beautifully. I love the Palm Spring shade of green, and her hair is so pleasing in its perfection.

I imagine that Jean looked to style icon Audrey Hepburn for her fashion inspiration as both had elfin features, and  slender, near-to androgynous frames. Its clean lines and a simple palette that suit these women best and I love Jean's exposed, boney decolletage here and that sweet, halter neckline.

I like nothing more than a Little Lord Fauntleroy collar worn with a striking cheekbone.

Jean is nochalantly smoking here, but it's her crisp, white pixie collar peeking out underneath a stoical black light weight knit that speaks to me.

I'm pretty sure that this is an advert for 1980s skincare phenomena Apri and she wears apricot and a strong neckline so well (helped by her elfin crop).

Cheeky Jean is poking a little head out of an oversized Argyle knit opitomising her sense of fun. Jean, I salute you (and would have also liked to have been your friend.)


  1. She's so CUUUUTTTTTE!! Never even ehard of her before

  2. That's because she is dead a good while ago - a sad business.