Concrete Islands

Niklas Goldbach (Germany)

Mounir Fatmi (Morocco)
Iwan Baan (The Netherlands)
Frédéric Chaubin (France)
Andreas Angelidakis (Greece)

Are you in Paris this weekend? If not it’s worth the trip to take in this exhibition curated by Elias Redstone for Analix Forever. It's a group exhibition featuring work by the above artists, documenting, celebrating and critiquing social and political architectural projects that now exist in various stages of inhabitation, dereliction and destruction. My personal favourite is the work of French photographer Frédéric Chaubin and his works depicting decaying Soviet architecture.
Six Elzévir
6 rue Elzévir, 75003 Paris
Open daily 11am–7pm


  1. Really interesting, specially the building in the last image

  2. Will you be making it to the opening?