Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer, the man behind the Favourbrook brand and eponymous menswear line Oliver Spencer, has opened a men's footwear store at 37 Lambs Conduit street in London. 

The store is a traditional, pocket-sized little number at just 250sq ft, and it showcases a very tightly edited selection of branded and own-label shoes. Labels such as Quoddy, Vera and Converse are stocked alongside Oliver Spencer chukka boots and cricket shoes. 

"Where can you buy good men's shoes? I'm going back to traditonal shop keeping," said the man himself when we met up for a tour. "The high street is about to impale itself - and I won't shed a tear."

The Oliver Spencer clothing store is a must-visit just a few doors down.


  1. This has totally reminded me I need to go to Lambs Conduit Street, I can't believe I've never got around to going there!


  2. It is so amazing...lovely for a weekend stroll, pop into Folk and Oli Spencer and then get some picnic food at Kennards http://www.kennardsgoodfoods.com/home.html