Today's Fri-Con is going to be a little short and sweet as an interview with Oliver Spencer calls...but I've plumped for Debbie Harry at the request of premium boutique Black and White Denim. Deborah Ann as her mother named her is a huge fox and my dad's all time hotty (although he doesn't use that word and would lambast me for doing so). Debbie is best known for her ice-cool insouciance, vacant stare and awesome hair. She loved a pearlised 80s lip and a vampy black khol eye. It all works for me.
This especially works for me. In fact I was wondering to myself on the bus the other day if extreme 1970s hair flicks will be working their way back on trend anytime soon. Love the neckline here
Queen of the rock tee bra-less Blondie is rocking out here
She knows she's a bad ass
Debbie didn't always get it right, see here and here.....
but she doesn't give as f**k


  1. I actually like the Green outfit, its kinda funny in a silly way:))

  2. Anonymous17 May, 2011

    I think she looks like the ridler from Batman!!