Duffy Jewellery

Brits aren't known for our jewellery wearing prowess. We lack the fine jewellery finesse of say the Scandinavians who wear it so well.  Instead of jewellery steeped in elegant heritage - like that you'd find in India, or even Russia - ours hinges off the Crown Jewels, a signet ring here, a sovereign there, and a dash of Elizabeth Duke.

Of course we have our Bond Street exports and our talents, who include artisanal makers like East London based Duffy Jewellery, who is just one of those talents pushing on the UK jewellery scene. If you party in East London you may have come across this long-haired beardy goldsmith. He has collaborated with designers from Katie Eary to Nike on handmade unique pieces straight out of his East London atelier and has just launched his website.


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