Corinne Day

Legendary fashion photographer Corinne Day has passed away after a long battle with a brain tumor.

Born in 1965, the self-taught photographer is probably best know for catapulting model Kate Moss to fame after taking photos of the young model in the early 1990s.

Day's depiction of a skinny young Moss hit the 1990s zeitgeist, which had rejected the glossy glamour of the 1980s supermodel for a gritty and waif like aesthetic. Day shot for magazines including The Face and Vogue and continued to do so up until her death.

Day was also an incredible documentary photographer, and captured the less glamorous side of life through her photographs, including images of her friends going about their lives, and a documentary capturing the battle she undertook against her own illness.

Day lost that battle on Friday.

To view a gallery of Corrine's work click here

Kate Moss was one of Corrine's most prolific sitters

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