København part 1

The Fashion Daily touched down in the outstanding city of Copenhagen (København) yesterday and has been in awe ever since. From teapots to tee shirts everything exudes quality.

The city maybe expensive but it's preoccupation with heart-made product gives everything a sense of refreshing provenance.

In next week's Drapers I'll be bringing you a round up of the best labels and trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week and the tradeshow Gallery, alongside a look at some of the cities coolest independent retailers.

For now here are some pictures from the city. Come back for some catwalk shots from the Wood Wood and Peter Jensen shows tomorrow.

Farvel :)

A cute corner shop
Lunch one of the best sandwiches ever made
Lunch taken in the design center
Articulate design is at the heart of everything the Danes do
Black on black Piaggio
Rainbow of city guides
Copenhagen clock 1
rusty lion
As soon as they can walk Danes put their kids on bikes
Copenhagen clock 2
A sneak preview of one of the most inspiring new independents in Copenhagen, see next week's issue of Drapers for the full round up
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