Forever 21

Poor, poor Desigual and H&M sat slap-bang next door to this young fashion behemoth which opened on Oxford St this week. Topshop design at H&M prices is the strategy so I've been told. So we've seen it all before then?

- From the number of people with the surname Chang in the management team, it would seem Forever 21 is a family business
- They can design and dispatch new product to shop floor in one week
- Diane Von Furstenburg and Gwen Stefani have both made claims that Forever 21 has ripped off their designs, according to reports
-Forever 21 has been known to print John 3:16 on the base of their bags, tipping a little nod to the faith of the founders
- John 3:16 is one of the most quoted verses from the Bible "For God so loved the world he gave..."

The creator aside, what do you think of the product they're pushing in the windows?


  1. Arriving where Jane Norman left off?

  2. I'm disappointed and had high hopes :( The windows and product in them should be SO much better for their debut, having seen what they're capable of stateside...