FRI-CON Veronica Lake

I haven't done a Fri-Con in a while. You'll see on Tuesday why I've chosen to do a Fri-Con on someone with iconic hair like Veronica Lake with a super exciting blog post on a brand new hair care range that I'm trialling. Here Veronica is being a little sauce pot with her triumphant victory rolls and waterfall waves. I love this shade of soft lilac, who'd have thought it would work with a deep red lip?

I am totally and utterly in love with this Tee that Veronica is wearing. I love a Bavarian landscape at the best of times but when it's immortalised on a loose fit, ruffle neck tee I'm in vintage heaven. I like to think that the olive green skirt is a pencil skirt and that she's wearing a mid height red court shoe.

We've seen daytime Veronica but this is the femme fatale siren that broke umpteen hearts in 1940s Hollywood. I love the bodice section of this ivory silk dress, the un-ending trail of covered buttons and billowing sleeves. (On the flip side, I'm hating the couch).

Chill out Veronica! This is cowgirl chic at it's best. Just lounging here on a hay bale Veronica means business, the bib detailing on the shirt printed with faux pull cords is something else.

Autumnal Veronica Lake is nailing the autumn 11 tobacco tend with aplomb. There's an interesting neckline on this coat and the jaunty of centre covered button is a sweet touch.
This is perhaps the most iconic image of Veronica Lake and her tumbling hair - one I'm most certainly supposed to be paying usage rights for. Veronica had a complex personality and a bad working reputation. Her breakout role was in I wanted Wings in 1941. After a good career, a few marriages and an acute drinking problem, Veronica's mental and physical health deteriorated. She died in 1973.


  1. hair idol.

  2. Agree with above yes but also beautiful face that's often overlook in the pin up lists