Bleach London

Now not only can you get your nails arted at Haggerston salon WAH nails, but Bleach London has moved in too.

Bleach London offers the latest in folicle funk from '90s grunge, dipe-dyed hair to sun struck balayage or ombre tresses a la Alexa. The hair salon will dye roots in (rather than out), bleach your hair until it's ice white or streak it till it's blue.

Drew Barrymore had a stab at dip dye earlier this year, the less said about that the better.

Leading by example are Dazed & Confused fashion director Katie Shillingford  - who has long been my hair idol, that hot chick Saffron from Republica, and Aussie model Tallulah Morton.

Bleach London 420 Kingsland Road

Aussie model #1 Tallulah Morton

Aussie model #2 Abbey Lee Kershaw

Katie Shillingford dips white in black

Erin Wasson does ombre
Lady GaGa at the Grammys
Alexa Chung

Republica's Saffron

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