Wolf & Badger

When I heard that  Wolf & Badger had opened earlier this year - with the intention of leasing space to up-and-coming designers - I had visions of a student style trunk sale.

Oh how wrong was I. This chic retail space in the heart of London's Notting Hill is more urbane art gallery than degree show.

The store showcases the coolest in emerging fashion, accessories and jewellery labels. Giselle Ganne's bird skull knuckle duster is just brilliant. ♥♥

Window dressing
Skulls by Stuart Richards
Inside Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger's Josh
Giselle Ganne bird skull knuckleduster
Florence B
Cecilia Mary Robson
Gwendolyn Carrie
Sophia Mann
I heart top hat lights
Josh's tatoos


  1. That guy with the knuckle duster on it so HOT!!

  2. I love Wolf & Badger! Was in there on the weekend trying on fabulous necklaces by Reem.

  3. man that guy is soooo hot im going in just to see him !

  4. I was in there on the weekend, and Josh is such a fab shop assistant!

  5. Notting Hill Girl...Did you see the Giselle Ganne knuckleduster? Also some great trinkets by Florence B. An Aladdin's cave of goodies! Think i'm going to do a post on Merchant Archive soon!

  6. Sad news! The knuckleduster has been sold (rumour has it to a certain grammy award winning music star), but on a bright side: Josh is still available! x

  7. whhaaaaaaa (that's the sound of my bawling) I missed my window! Can you cast Josh in gold and fashion him into a knuckle duster for me?x

  8. anonymouse nice tatoos i want some guns on my hips too where d'ya get them from ?